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Since its inception, the Company has won high praise from the provincial and municipal governments for its good service, high quality products, and high level of R & D team.  The Company has been undertaking and completed a number of research projects supported by Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province and Jinan Municipal Government.

The corporate entrepreneurship projects "Development of novel anticancer drugs to combat hepatocellular carcinoma" and Development of HSMTD-Crizotinib" were included in high-tech programs by Jinan High-Tech Development Zone and China Overseas Students Pioneer Park in Jinan, and obtained financial supports.

The Company's first research project “Development of novel anticancer hypoxia-activated prodrugs to treat hepatocellular carcinoma” was included in the Annual Science and Technology Development Plan and obtained financial support (Project No. 2011GGD01004) in September 2011. This project was completed, and passed the acceptance by Department of Science and Technology in Shandong Province in November 2012.  

The research project “Optimization of synthesis route of Crizotinib and the development of novel hypoxia-activated prodrugs” was included in the Annual Science and Technology Development Plan and obtained financial support by Jinan Municipal Government (Project No. 201201039) in July, 2012. This project is ongoing.

The research project "Development of new hypoxia-activated prodrugs based on Camptothecin” was included the high-level personnel tracking support plan by Municipal Government, and obtained financial support (Project No. 201219005). This project is ongoing.

With the support and guidance by the policies of Shandong Provincial and Jinan Municipal governments, the Company currently continues developing its entity, enhancing the capability of scientific and technological innovations, and optimizing developing environments, and actively seeks social capitals to support further progression. The Company aims to develop small molecular targeting anticancer drugs, hypoxia-activated prodrugs, and cell signaling pathway inhibitors, and focuses on applying SME Technology innovation fund by Jinan Municipal Government as well as SME development special fund by the Ministry of Science and Technology in China.


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