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The Research and Development (R&D) center of Jinan Trio PharmaTech Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. Now we have progressively built up an excellent R&D team. We commit to the development of novel compounds, R&D of new chemical technology, technology transfer, et al. We always adhere to the scientific research as the basis, take the market as the guidance, take talent construction as the center, take quality inspection and quality control as the core, and take the novel drug discovery as the research direction. We also develop generic drugs. Under leadership of Dr Xueying Sun, the winner of "Taishan Scholar Oversea Distinguished Entrepreneurial Expert", with continuous innovation and courage to face challenge, R&D center has made remarkable achievements in drug discovery.

We are engaged in developing novel anti-cancer HAPs (hypoxia-activated prodrugs). At present, the drug R&D team has synthesized several compounds, which have been screened preliminarily and currently under further assessment for their anoxic conversion, pharmacokinetics and metabolomics, anticancer effects, and toxicity. I

The R&D team has also been developing generic drugs including anti-cancer, cardiovascular system, anti-diabetic, anti-virus, antiepileptic, anti-depression drugs. Among them, molecular targeted anti-cancer drugs are our key research area.

At present, the R&D team has completed preliminary research project of Crizotinib, Vandetanib, Vemurafenib, Regorafenib, Afatinib, and achieved a major breakthrough in the synthesis technology of APIs.

The R&D team selects part of preponderant projects to achieve industrialization, and strive to stand in the national forefront of the pharmaceutical industrywithin 3 to 5 years.





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